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I play in an Empire of the Petal Throne campaign every Friday that’s been going on for well over a year now. Back when I started I drew up a pair of character sheets for the game (a quick and dirty one in March during chargen, and then a fancier version of the same sheet once I was playing the game in May).

Now that Grujung HiZnayu (my warrior) is level 4, that old sheet was starting to get a bit beat up (using the same sheet every week for nearly a year will do that). So I decided to make him a new sheet. And being who I am, I couldn’t just transfer him to a new copy of the old sheet…


In some ways it is an improvement over my last Empire of the Petal Throne character sheet, but it was reinforced to me while I filled it out that I much prefer a landscape or folder format character sheet. So if Grujung makes it to level 6, expect to see yet another character sheet design out of the deal.

I drew up the version shown above about two weeks ago and have played with it in two sessions now. With a bit of feedback from the other players in the group, I present an updated version of it for your enjoyment. Click on the image below to get the 300dpi letter-sized original.

Empire of the Petal Throne Character Sheet (version 3)

Empire of the Petal Throne Character Sheet (version 3)