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Outside of the Yellow City proper is “the old city” – or more precisely the ruins thereof slowly sinking into the swamp. This particular map explores a building that is partially submerged because the much heavier and larger library behind it has fallen completely below the level of the streets bringing the rear end of this building down with it.

Sunken Ruins

Sunken Ruins

Of course, it is hard to think of a better place to be sent on a quest than an ancient stone library that has sunk into the muck and ruins around it. The majority of the library has collapsed also, with mud and debris blocking most of the structure, leaving three areas accessible from various underground passages which in turn are connected to an old road that was paved over at some point, leaving some old passages underground where the original road once was (and there are probably old sewers in turn under those old roads, if one were to dig further into the muck and debris).

This map was drawn in a single draft using Mitsubishi Uni Pins and Sakura Microns on 5 square per inch graph paper. I’m slowly moving away from Sakura Microns towards the Mitsubishi pens because the Uni Pins have a little bit softer of a tip which gives me even better line thickness control than with the Microns. For this map the walls were drawn with an 08, the hatching with an 03, most details with an 01 and the grid lines and small debris with the 005.