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As long as Patreon pledged support remains above the $400 level, every month we are releasing one older map from the blog into the commercial license archives. That means that this map goes from the usual non-commercial use only license to a free commercial use license (meaning you can use it for absolutely anything, really).

At the beginning of April I released a list of 8 maps to all my Patreon supporters askign them to vote on which map they wanted released. The winning map (by a fairly slim margin, mind you) was the Turning Tower.

The Turning Tower (with grid)

The Turning Tower

As the day progresses, I’ll edit the Turning Tower’s listing to show that it is now released under the free commercial license, and will then add it to the Commercial Maps page.

And then it will be time to put together a new list of 8 maps for patrons to pick from!