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The tomb of Heighnor the Strong had been sealed, both physically and magically for 228 years since both he and his two daughters were slain in the great war. A mighty elf probably from another world entirely, Heighnor and his kin were massive for their kind – Heighnor being recorded at nine and a half feet tall and over 900 pounds.

Two years ago the tomb’s doors were thrown open by an earthquake that cracked the land around it – the same event is recalled in town when looking at Jerome’s house, which now stands with the east side a full three feet higher than the west side. Terrified of what might be exposed within the tomb, the local farmers hired a few intrepid folk to examine the structure beyond the shattered doors.

What they reported back was a tomb complex with the final resting chambers still sealed by powerful magics. All three doors to the final chambers were still sealed and the magical seals were still intact. The earthquake and sundering had just breached the front entrance of the complex.

And the town went back to life as usual.

The Sundered Tomb

The Sundered Tomb

Until the hunter arrived.

A superfumanly strong and incredibly thin white elf-thing slipped into town one night and slaughtered three families, stealing their infant children away into the night. Darrek the herder swears he can hear their cries from within the tomb when nearby, but no one has the temerity to explore the tomb itself to find out.

And so now the townfolk seek you out, needing someone to find out if the seals have been broken and the elves (or whatever is left of them) haunt the lands again.


Immediately after drawing the Tomb of Eight, I had the urge to work on variations on the theme. The Sundered Tomb obviously has a lot of similarities to the Tomb of Eight, and I plan on drawing a few more variations on the concept over the next few months as time permits.


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