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It has begun…


Business cards have started popping up in the wild with dungeon geomorphs on the back! The picture above is actually someone I know personally who is using them on her home-printed cards, but they are popping up all over the place!


Wayne’s Books now have new cards too – and a card goes out with every order from his store so in time regular customers will have collected a full dungeon worth of cards.


With a set of ten card designs currently out there, the challenge becomes to collect all ten card backs, each with a different front! I know of these three so far, and have heard of at least two more people using them. Maybe once I’ve confirmed that there are at least ten people using them, I’ll put together another set of ten for a future release to increase the size of the pool, and the challenge.


And in the photo above you can see why I went with one exit per side instead of 1 per short and 2 per long side – as it allows for this “basketweave” design when laying out the geomorphs which in turn provides for more unused space in the dungeon design and will further throw off those players who start to think you might be using geomorphs.

You can download the designs to use on your business cards here: