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Cut into the old quarry hills east of Javelin Hill are a pair of stone faces that glower sternly at those who come this way. The faces are of the Sorceress of Javelin Hill who’s name has been forgotten, and her husband Jethrun Dugan who was the reeve of Javelin Hill. Between the faces are a set of doors, now in poor repair, that lead into Dugan’s Hold.

Dugan's Hold

Dugan’s Hold

Built a generation later than the faces were carved, Dugan’s Hold was a small military command base cut out of the stone of the quarry hills with the magics of the earth temple. It was used as a rallying point for dwarven and human military forces during the great war, and was also home to the birth of the Prince of Aleath while that city was under siege.

The new Duchess of Javelin Hill has interest in both the history and military uses of the hold and has intended to go clean it up for a few years now, but is constantly finding herself overwhelmed with the day to day work of both the priesthood that she is a member of as well as the management of the ever-growing small city on the edge of the economically aggressive Satrapy next door.

Perhaps if other adventurers were nearby, she could send one of her dwarven companions along with them to search the place and clear it for her eventual use.


Of course, as I drew this I was TRYING to draw two faces from above… but the result looked less like faces and more… chesty.