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Obscenities have taken over where noble men once battled against the oppression of the Kale empire. Something is said to have entered into Emberpike Hold’s water supply, hidden deep within Emberpike Hall, and the once-noble Fellen clan have abandoned their fiefs and the old hold structures outside the hall were put to the torch by parties unknown (although the destruction is commonly attributed to the Fellen clan itself, gone mad due to the contamination from below).

Emberpike Hall

Emberpike Hall

Emberpike Hall was the “foundation” of Emberpike Hold – a set of limestone caves that were expanded and cleaned up to create the existing hall structure, with the backmost caves opening into a massive underground water reservoir. Because the Fellen clan was very security-conscious during the wars, maps of the interior of Emberpike Hall are rarely even close to accurate except for the basic routing from the front doors, through the pillared hall and back to the reservoir chamber – the chambers that spread out from these points are relatively unknown to outsiders except that they exist and can be confusing to explorers.


Emberpike Hall, like the Corrupted Water Temple posted last month, is an attempt to harken back to many of the classic D&D adventure modules which had long halls connecting various areas separated by large amounts of stone.

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“Alright Dyson, it’s been a tough month with the family obligations and then the infection and illness all packed together, so we need to get these maps DONE – it’s almost end of month and the maps for the adventure we’re running in the 5e group can’t be posted this month as planned since they are still on level 1, so let’s knuckle down and draw 8 maps, pronto!”

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