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A couple of weeks ago I sat down in a Google Hangout with a couple of beers and a bottle of blended Irish whiskey (2Gingers – I heartily DO NOT recommend it). I aimed my camera at a blank piece of graph paper and started to draw straight to ink with no pencil work first.

And I drank. Quite a bit.

And yet, the finished map looks pretty decent! At one point I asked the people in the hangout what I should add to the map and next thing I knew I was adding in an underground river. No, a LAVA RIVER.

Personally, now that I’m not drunk anymore, I would probably skip the lava part and just make it a regular river.

Ginger Hall

Ginger Hall

Ginger Hall is a small warren of subterranean passages and rooms around a significant central chamber (Ginger Hall itself). The central chamber has been used as a church in the past, but later tenants worked hard to remove most of the evidence of the faith that originally had the hall cut to the current dimensions – removing decorations, pews and even cutting the walls back an extra couple of inches to remove religious mosaics and bas-reliefs.


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