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I drew this on the long weekend at the beginning of July and keep forgetting to post it to the blog.

This video was basically a test to see how my webcam handles the job… I’ve got to work on my setup for better lighting and play with the settings on my camera to improve video quality, but while I was messing around with the existing setup at my workstation, I figured I could release this short time-lapse video of me at work on a small map inspired in part by photos of Al Khazneh at Petra.

As with all my videos, my hands and fingernails are dirty, and in this one the time-lapse hides how incredibly shaky my hands were that day.

The map itself will show up on the blog late this month or early next month.

Also… I should really test Zzarchov Kowolski’s suggestion of syncing it to the audio from a Bob Ross video (but I’d probably have to slow the video down quite a bit).