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I definitely don’t draw enough hexmaps – this is something I realize as soon as I do draw one. Especially at the six-mile-hex scale like this one.

I printed the base hex off myself using the hex paper from incompetech so I would have a base hex that works for me; and to make the 6 mile hex really work right, I used one mile hexes as the subhex size (although I would probably use half-mile hexes next time).

A Hex Most Fowl

A Hex Most Fowl

On a normal hex map, this would be a single hex with woods and probably a village marker on it (maybe not, depending on the scale you are using, as little old Kith isn’t that big of a village). In the closeup we get the hills, the gap in the woods where the road leads to and through Kith in the south, and a few smaller details like a ruined tower in the north, a small cave in the woods a little northwest of centre and a solitary standing stone just sitting there in a clearing on the hilltop. Let’s just say that’s where the druids used to meet… or maybe it is where the dark goat leaves her young during the autumnal equinox.

adventure-most-fowl-coverThis hex is one of four maps I put together for the first adventure release from Grey Fey. “Adventure Most Fowl” is a classic-style adventure for very low level adventures (level 1 characters are probably a little on the powerful side for this) using old school fantasy rules. It is available now at RPGnow!