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The Ascent of the Scarlet Queen looks out over the west shore of Green Shallows Lake. The red stone cliff face has obviously been roughly worked by ancient hands leaving an ascending path along the face of the cliff, past a set of arrow slits and to a pair of brass doors decorated in the likeness of the Scarlet Queen barring the way forward.

Ascent of the Scarlet Queen

Ascent of the Scarlet Queen

The Scarlet Queen is a repeating motif throughout the areas behind the doors – appearing in various paintings and carvings, and also as a statue in one chamber and a caryatid column with three scarlet knights as buttresses surrounding her in another.

A series of secret passages lead to a small library containing a tapestry that both details the death of the Scarlet Queen and the text of a spell that can bring forth aspects of her power for those who would dare to deal with her spirit. But that chamber is really a fake treasure chamber, and a further secret chamber contains the Scarlet Queen’s hat, shoes and bracers as well as a small part of her massed hoards of gold.


Both this map and the previous map posted this week were drawn while I was off in the “wilderness” camping with some great friends in wonderful surroundings. I expected to draw a few more maps, but instead I managed to run a pair of 1981 B/X D&D games where we explored the wonderfully twisted “Gnomes of Levnec” adventure by Zzarchov Kowolski.


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