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This map is a companion to the map of the Octagonal Station that I posted back in May. The Octagonal Station at first feels like an old temple of some kind, but at the back of the structure is an old elevator that goes deep underground. For most adventurers this will mean nothing, as the elevator is ancient and the technologies to make it work have long ago lost power. But with the right tools, tricks, or know-how, a group of explorers might make the platform descend…

Tube Car Station

Tube Car Station

Part way down the descent is a small sublevel that the platform will skip if not specifically set to stop there. This structure is a mix of technical, repair, and control facilities for what lies below. While the control panels have no current function, there are many shelves and stockpiles of ancient hardware that were once used to maintain the structure and machineries, some of which might turn out to be useful (and many which are not… like boxes of 60 thousand year old detergent).

In the depths below is the true purpose of the structure – a large round chamber with six round tunnels leading into it. This is a rare tube car station where multiple tube car lines meet and can change routes in order to travel throughout the underworld of Tekumel. Sure, many of the ancient tunnels have collapsed or been sabotaged, but the network still exists in chunks and sequences, and nodes like this are essential to getting around the areas that were destroyed by disasters both natural and planned.

This map (and the map of the Octagonal Station above) are my interpretations of the areas we have explored in our Empire of the Petal Throne campaign – and as such much of the credit has to go to James Maliszewski who has been running this excellent campaign.