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In the classic Empire of the Petal Throne setting, the original author and man behind the scenes (Professor Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker) ran a huge megadungeon under the main city of the setting (Jakalla). The Jakallan underworld was a massive structure that took up a desk-pad-sized sheet of 10 square per inch graph paper.

While I’ve done some work fiddling with the original map of the location (thankfully the Tekumel Foundation has a lovely 600dpi scan of the original map in question), it also inspired me to take another poke at drawing a megadungeon in a distinctly different style than the Dyson MegaDelve I drew at the end of 2014 & beginning of 2015.

My Private Jakalla

My Private Jakalla (Map 1A)

This dungeon I hope to put together as a massive sprawling series of maps that can underpin an entire city map – mixing crypts, sewers, dungeons, basements, and old construction into one massive underworld structure that is accessible in various parts from places in the city above.

This particular map contains two access points from the surface, both on the bottom edge of the map – basements with stairs leading down to a great hall on the left (probably linked to a clan house or similar structure, or perhaps the doorway has been boarded off, bricked over, or otherwise sealed to prevent whatever lives in the dark recesses from coming up), and a set of stairs and doors leading into a series of crypts on the right (probably linked to a temple that stores the revered dead in crypts, tombs and so on).

And of course, to suit the sprawling style of this dungeon, there are four exits that will lead out to new maps – hopefully one or two published every month for the next while.

My Private Jakalla

My Private Jakalla (Map 1A) (without grid)