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This mansion basically popped into existence overnight in the rapidly upscaling neighbourhood of bluebridge. The Dervel family bought up a number of old properties to make way for their home, tore them down over a few weeks and did some basic landscaping and then late one night Durish Dervel planted four triangular crystals and a single red pearl on the grounds and lead the family in a chant from an ancient scroll.

The next morning this crystalline manor house was on the property and the garden walls were rapidly erected around it by imported dwarven workmen eager to earn enough to equip an expedition to fallen Kuln.

Strange Mansion

Strange Mansion


A few other similar structures have been created in recent years in other cities, all associated in some way with Durish Dervel – new homes of old family friends, trading partners, and a sorcerer said to have adventured along with Durish in his youth.

The structure is evidently crystalline, with an unusual pinkish hue. The walls are opaque except where fine pink windows look out over the entranceway or the yards, and seemingly unbreakable. Even the windows are incredibly tough, and repair themselves within a few days when broken as evidenced during the riots in the year of black dust.

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