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While Sarrheia, goddess of the sunrise, is technically the consort to the Lord of Sun, her worship has come to eclipse his within the cities and towns of the Sandmadra Archipelago. In the city of Sandmadra itself is a massive church dedicated to her via the words of her prophet who swam these waters four hundred years ago. Known as the Temple of the Sunrise or more accurately the Sanctum of the Prophet, the church has become central to faith and government of Sandmadra.

Sanctum of the Prophet

Sanctum of the Prophet

The main service of course is at sunrise, but only the most faithful (read: those who have donated the most money or have the most influence in town) are invited to the sunrise services. Services however continue throughout the day and night with a non-stop droning litany of the texts of the Prophet and the catechisms of Sarrheia read from the pulpit by a number of priests and priestesses.

The main chamber of the Sanctum has an angled floor, lowering six feet over the length of the room – the the pulpit is at ground level but is well above the front rows of church-goers. Around the Sanctum are a number of statues of the Prophet, Sarrheia, and other saints of the solar faith, as well as a number of sub-shrines for worship, contemplation and of course tithing.

The actual centre of church activity and management is a much less ostentatious stone compound a block away from the Sanctum where the church manages its forces, finances, politics and so on.


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