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Elijah’s Tower sticks out from a small rocky promontory in the marshlands demanding people’s attention. It stands out in an area days travel from the nearest civilization not just for being the work of man in a swampy wilderness, but also in colour and because of the beacon often lit on the roof of the structure.

The main tower is made of a glittering white stone that seems out of place in the marshy region, and the two-story structure at its base is a pale grey granite that seems to be either trying to hold the main structure up, or is attached to the base of it like some stony fungus, depending on your point of view (and taste for mushrooms).

Elijah's Tower

Elijah’s Tower

Elijah built the tower some forty years ago to find solitude in order to continue his meditations and quests for faith. But being so far into the swamp, the tower became the one safe place for others caught out here, and eventually Elijah began having his few acolytes maintain a small magical beacon on the roof of the tower during the darkest nights so that lost travelers would know where to find safety.

A team of dwarves seeking a key to the lost city of Kuln recently returned from the swamps and report that the tower appears to be partially overtaken with ivy and swamp vines… and that the beacon only lit up at midnight for a single hour, and was deep green in colour instead of pure white. It may just be swamp gas and dwarves telling tall tales, but there are others who might like to know more about these reported changes.


Sometimes my brain can’t come up with a good idea for a map. I will then let my pens free to draw as they will – and at those times, my pens most frequently seem to either scream “temple” or “tower” at me.

On the day I drew this, it was evidently “tower!”


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