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Bearing obvious similarities to the mansion of the Dervel Merchants in blueridge, the Mastervale Estate is slightly more regular in shape and less alien in material – appearing at first glance to be made of grey stone. The actual material is an unworldly grey crystal that seems utterly smooth to the touch, and yet seems to be easy to grab onto and grip to. Because of this “grippiness” and the whims of the owners the outside of the structure is covered with vines and other green creepers, further enhancing the appearance that the structure is made of some normal stone. The alien construction extends even to the windows which are thinner and translucent but not fully transparent and which are also as hard as the walls.

the Mastervale Estate

the Mastervale Estate

Assembled using the same strange magics as the Dervel house, this structure was originally the headquarters of the Mastervale Merchant Consortium. However, as the fortunes of that business waned after a series of bad investments and destroyed cargoes, the Mastervale family ended up selling their extended properties and moving into the estate – converting offices and libraries into living areas.

Still considered one of the main merchant families of the city, the Mastervales are a bitter clan who remember their time of greater affluence and prosperity and allow it to blind them to their current wealth and success. They hoard the last of their great treasures and seek to reverse their recent decline – however they have become very risk-averse… Combined with their bitterness and penny-pinching, they are unlikely to climb their way back to the top.


The Mastervale clan can be used as a patron for an adventuring group as they are well-regarded by most in the region and do have the money to afford good work. However, they are cheap and quick to reduce payment for mistakes or unforeseen setbacks. They also may become the target for adventurers seeking to get into the good graces of the thieves’ guild, other merchant families, or those seeking out the remaining treasures of the clan.


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