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Last month I posted the first two parts of a massive undercity project I am taking on. The goal is to produce a large set of maps that interconnect to produce something akin to, but very much different in style from, the original Jakallan Underworld map that M.A.R. Barker used in his Empire of the Petal Throne games.

This third map in the set continues some of the sewers from the second map while keeping close to the classic Empire of the Petal Throne feel of having most connections into the underworld be through the various temples and clanhouses of the city. In this case we have two different temple basements here that are indirectly linked through other chambers and passages.

My Private Jakalla - Map 1C (grid)

My Private Jakalla – Map 1C (grid)

This particular map has a number of access points to the surface – perhaps a few too many. The temple on the upper left has two stairways down to their lower structures, and there are two sewer access points (one directly south of the left hand temple, and one on the far right). The second temple probably has it’s own access to the lower structures and monk cells, but it isn’t indicated on the map as give (probably a trap door from which a fold-down staircase is lowered). Finally, there is a basement from someone’s house or business just off the side of the sewers with a very thin wall that could be breached with a few minutes of work and the right tools.

This map (1C on the diagram below) connects to map 1B via the sewers, but has no connection to the other maps in the set yet. My goal is that the next two maps in the set will be the connections between 1A and 1C.

My Private Jakalla Connections Map

My Private Jakalla Connections Map

A definite point of interest in this map is the molds or mud that have taken over the oddly-structured temple at the top of the page. A large part of this structure has been inundated with whatever this map marker represents (I picture a collection of fuzzy molds that may even be quite pretty initially, like devil’s tooth fungi) and those wishing to travel further into the underworld from this temple will have to deal with at least an edge of the infestation as it has taken over the only doorway between the temple and further depths.

The origin of this map detail is a little more mundane.



I bought roses for my girlfriend. We put them in a vase with water on the table. That night one of the lovely orange fuzzballs we call cats decided to eat the roses and knocked over the vase in the process, ruining a number of works in progress and also damaging this map. Andy Solberg suggested I turn the water-damaged areas into mold-infested areas and the transition was soon complete.

My Private Jakalla - Map 1C (no grid)

My Private Jakalla – Map 1C (no grid)