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There is a cave with far too many statues within it that some locals whisper about when drunk enough. The local kids will dare each other to climb down into the cavern and touch a statue, with the bravest actually moving past the first few and reaching one in the darker confines of the gallery cavern. The statues are a strange mix – mostly human-sized depictions of heroic-looking sorts in action poses with the occasional animal and peasant in the crowd.

The Statue Gallery

The Statue Gallery

Of course, to adventurers this is the sure sign of a medusa, cockatrice, gorgon or worse. Shields will be polished, mirrors acquired, blindfolds put on, and light spells prepared…

And the undying sorcerer who collected all these fine sculpted pieces over the centuries will be waiting for them. For he is no fool and has no time for the antics of treasure hunters and murder hobos.


I tried to keep this five-room dungeon as non-linear as possible once characters are in the first room. There is a secret door, a tiny little passage (perfect for a shape-shifting villain to escape down, but too big for most adventuring types), and looping designs in order to make it as accessible as possible – if you know your way.

Played right, this is the kind of place where PCs quickly get tired of the villain’s hit and run tactics and figure out some way to destroy the whole place from a safe distance. Or nuke it from orbit.


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