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Krisdithas Estate & Ballroom - Both Levels

Krisdithas Estate & Ballroom – Both Levels

The Krisdithas Estate is one of the best-pedigreed upper-class homes in the city. While it has changed hands a few times in its long history, it has always been to rich families with the bluest of bloodlines and long stories of money, corruption, influence and dark secrets. Even a clan of exiled noble dark elves have used the structure for a time. Exactly what is expected of the upper class.

Krisdithas Estate & Ballroom - Ground Floor

Krisdithas Estate & Ballroom – Ground Floor

But what’s important about the Krisdithas Estate this week is the grand ballroom where the annual Pageant of Sapphires is being hosted. While the Pageant officially circulates through all the grand households of the city, it actually generally occurs at five particular estates and the ballroom of this particular estate remains quiet and desolate through years at a time.

Unless you believe the tales of a lone woman who dances here quietly through the night.

Krisdithas Estate & Ballroom - Upper Floor

Krisdithas Estate & Ballroom – Upper Floor

The estate building is a two-level affair divided into two wings connected by a curved hall facing southeast to get the best sun of the day. The structure is anchored by the ballroom at one end (with access from both floors) and the main sleeping area at the other with gardens behind the structure and tucked into the inside of the curved hall.


Of course the structure contains it’s share of secrets and intricacies – with a secret room off of the library, and another off the master bedroom with a trapdoor leading down into the summer pantry. The gardens contain a number of statues rumoured to be remains of young nobles turned to stone by creatures most foul, and the flowers in one of the beds are notoriously blood thirsty vampire roses.


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