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When the Sorceress Queen Nemorlienne finally died, some efforts were made to keep her that way. While her rule was generally good for the state of the nation, those closest to the halls of power found her ways destructive and maniacal and her magically-augmented temper shortened many an advisor’s lifespan.

The Voiceless Chambers

The Voiceless Chambers

Like the other deceased queens, she was first burned to ashes and then those ashes converted into a gem using dark alchemies. However, unlike those before her, her tomb was sealed completely and magically, and in addition to the usual magical guards and wards over the tomb, the whole place was made magically and perpetually silent so no one could seek her counsel even in death.


But someone has broken the outer seals of the crypt, and it seems that when confronted with the magical portals sealing the final chamber, they pulled out all the stops and got something to dig through the walls instead of trying to breach the warded doors.

But with the knowledge that the tomb has been plundered, some sages seek to speak to Nemorlienne’s gem again – and while most who have such an interest are hunting down the tomb robbers who broke in initially, one has found evidence that one final deception was included in the creation of the crypt – the gem on the final resting place was actually a normal gem with a magic aura, and a secret chamber contains the real gem in question.


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