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This week we saw a new level reached in the Patreon funding for the blog. We hit the $500 level for the first map of the month!

Now, the way things usually work with my Patreon is a number of pledges “bounce” at the beginning of the month, bringing down the total pledge by up to $25. So, being all excited as I am, and thankful for everyone’s amazing support, I’ve posted this month’s Release The Kraken poll BEFORE the first of the month – thus while we are over the $500 funding target…

Thus meaning we will be releasing TWO KRAKENS!

I’ve grabbed eight maps from the blog’s backlog and the top TWO voted by the patrons of the blog will be released starting sometime mid-month (probably on two different Sundays).

And if we do slip below $500?

Meh, we’ll just pretend we didn’t.

Follow the link to get to the Patreon page where existing patrons can vote on what those two maps will be!