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In the mountains of Kuln, the Ironflow river’s tributaries form a number of ravines, clefts, and canyons of various sizes. This particular cleft cuts through some sedimentary rock where the river has washed out sections of the softer rocks forming a series of natural galleries that were in time expanded upon by a small clan of miners as their base of operations while mining and panning in the area.

The River Gallery

The River Gallery

Every member of the clan picked up arms in defense of Kuln when the ogres came. While there are still dwarves in the region, none lay claim to the titles or lands of the dwarves of Kuln, for that would mean that they would be admitting to abandoning the battle against the ogres where all their kin were slain.

Thus the old river gallery caves and structures lie abandoned, moaning occasionally as breezes flow through them. The stone doors to the deeper structures locked and secured. Small creatures have come and gone through the arrow slits into the defensive structures, but who knows if anything now lives beyond there…


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