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For two years in a row I’ve totally bombed Inktober. Last year I got about half way through the month before I lost track, and this year I only managed 11 days.

And yet, peer pressure is here and I’ve signed on for Mapvember now too.

I’ve been posting my Mapvember maps to my social media feeds (Google+, Facebook and Twitter) as I get them done, but before I scan them. My goal at the end of the month is to go back into the collection, add details, clean them up a bit, scan them, and then post them to the blog as finished works.

Some of the photos suck, some of the maps are weaker than others (having to do one a day means some get significantly less time dedicated to them than I would like), and one is a full-on joke.

But here are the first third of the Mapvember set to date:

Mapvember 1 – Beacon
(It turns out it is DAMNED hard to freehand a good even spiral!)



Mapvember 2 – Derelict
(I had a request from a Patreon supporter for an abandoned space station, so 2 avians with one igneous projectile!)



Mapvember 3 – The Descent
(Spiraling stairs down into a deep dungeon in a hole)



Mapvember 4 – Landing
(The small town of Bellfield Landing)



Mapvember 5 – Hangar
(Aerie of the Airlords of the Aldeiron Peaks)



Mapvember 6 – Saloon
(The Underhill Saloon & Eatery, a lovely halfling establishment)



Mapvember 7 – Control
(Yes… this is a joke map. But it’s a good one, and most players probably won’t figure it out if they have to draw it themselves)



Mapvember 8 – Storage
(Started out as six warehouse basements… connected to sewers… connected to My Private Jakalla!)



Mapvember 9 – Refinery
(Garlough’s Grisk Refinery where they raise, kill, and dry a key component in healing potions)



Mapvember 10 – Elevator
(A lovely little isometric map based around a central elevator shaft)