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In a slowly decaying orbit surrounded by debris is Low Earth Orbit Workstation Juliet 3 November CAD. One of the workstation’s four work environments has been blown open to vacuum and failures of various safety systems resulted in extensive damage to the interior of the other compartments and the deaths of many of those stationed on site.

LEO Workstation J3N-CAD

LEO Workstation J3N-CAD

The survivors were loaded aboard two Extra-Station Repair Vehicles that slowly jetted themselves to a nearby workstat consortium. The survivors described a fire tearing through the station and security and safety doors failing to close (or in one survivor’s description, reopening once closed). Two of the five survivors were completely catatonic and within the week two had committed suicide (including one of the catatonic survivors who accessed a scalpel while attention was on the others). Research in Pod 3 was a classified project by the R&D department of the U-Gth GmbH and the same day that the pod erupted the R&D building in Rostock was one of four buildings pulled down into a massive sinkhole that still hasn’t been stabilized and is threatening several major hotels in the resort portion of that city.


A number of organizations including both the ESA and NASA as well as assets from various intelligence organizations definitely want to find out what was going on up there. Which is where the characters come in.

Because really, what kind of horrors could a company that mostly deals in high-end mushroom cultivation out of Germany be up to?

LEO Workstation J3N-CAD (no grid)

LEO Workstation J3N-CAD (no grid)

LEO Workstation J3N-CAD was drawn during my run through 30 maps in 30 days as part of Mapvember 2016. The presented theme for the day was “Derelict”. I had also had some requests from a few patrons for an abandoned space station, so the combo seemed perfect.


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