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I finally finished our first Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign last month – and to celebrate the end of the campaign I made a poster-map that I gave out to all the players in the group as the campaign wound down.

From Winterspire to Yoon-Suin

From Winterspire to Yoon-Suin

Over a week and a half, I took the original map that I drew up for the campaign (last spring, about two-thirds of the way through the game) and expanded on it and drew it at a much larger size – where the first map took up most of a letter page, this version took up four sheets of paper.


The campaign started as a slightly modified version of the D&D5e starter adventure, “Lost Mine of Phandelver” – but my aversion to the Forgotten Realms meant mashing and mangling the setting a bit. So I started the campaign, and my redraw of the campaign map, with Winterspire, my replacement for Neverwinter.

Winterspire is a city built on the ruins of the old space elevator. The top of the spire is perpetually covered in snow, and living in the upper sections is a sign of abundant wealth because it means you can afford to have coal or firewood shipped up the spire to heat your house year-round.

In the end the adventure travelled around a lot, explored a few cities and adventure modules (listed in the map above) and was a lot of fun. This redraw of the map was almost as much fun to do – I feel a lot more confident in my skills as a cartographer and even a bit as an illustrator.

I also discovered that I can get my larger B&W works printed for a pittance at Staples using their Engineering Prints – up to 36″ x 24″ B&W prints on 20lb paper for only $3 per copy.

I hope you enjoy this map, it was a LOT of fun to draw and I’m exceptionally proud of the end product.


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