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When I talk about my dislike for Tucker’s Kobolds, I usually admit that I once ran a Tucker’s Kobolds style adventure in my teens when I thought it was clever to do everything in my power as a DM to make 1/2HD, low-intelligence humanoids into top-trained commando killers just like in that classic Dragon magazine article.

And then someone tells me how much they’d love to see a map designed for such a thing.

The Kobold Circuit

The Kobold Circuit

While this map is inspired by Tucker’s Kobolds with many very small tunnels designed for rapid movement of small-sized assailants, it is also heavily modeled on my memories of the Assassin’s Run from Dragon Magazine (which later turned up in an AD&D2e adventure module).

If used as the Assassin’s Run, the object is for would-be graduates of the run to make it from the initial room (upper left side, with the stairs leading up and out of the dungeon) around the whole circuit and back to the same room again without using any of the secret tunnels which are used by the halflings who run the place to move from place to place quickly to mess with the runners.

Kobolds Circuit (no grid)

Kobolds’ Circuit (no grid)

In a more traditional Tucker’s Kobolds style encounter, the kobolds operate out of the larger rooms in the complex as well as the mustering rooms in the smaller tunnels. With their knowledge of the secret doors and secret tunnels, they should be able to move and relocate troops within the complex in short order, as well as keep whatever MacGuffin the party is after safe by bringing it with them.


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