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A key component in many healing potions is the dried remnants of the grisk – a mollusk with near-magical regenerative powers. Except of course it is a lot of trouble to get significant quantities of dried grisk… being that it is very hard to kill.

Garlough's Grisk Refinery

Garlough’s Grisk Refinery

So here we come to Garlough’s Grisk Refinery, built around a tidal pool on the rocky shores of Iron Cauldron Bay near where one of the few natural grisk colonies was found.

Garlough’s breeds and collects grisks in the first pond, connected to the lake via a pair of gates allowing for the pond to be flushed or refilled as needed. Once the grisks have matured they are transferred manually to the second pond where they are poisoned with an acidic brine. The trick at this stage it to use enough acid to kill them, but not so much that it ruins them for potion manufacture. From the second pond, the dead grisk are carried up to the drying bed where they dry in the sun and are then eventually bagged up and sold to those who profiteer off the adventuring community.

The structures near the ponds include the small shed where the acidic brine is kept, as well as Garlough’s small stone bunker that has been expanded to house his workforce of four.


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