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On Friday I posted a map of secret tunnels and crypts beneath the Graveyard of the Thoughtful Daughter. At the north end of those tunnels, reached through a secret panel in the floor of the mausoleum of Ankrabar the Violet, a mostly collapsed archway leads into a larger underground sepulcher – which is where this map begins.

Crypts & Tombs Beneath the Graveyard

Crypts & Tombs Beneath the Graveyard

The old sepulcher at the bottom of the map has been buried and forgotten, the entranceway filled in with rubble, then overgrown, and finally a new mausoleum was built above it in the Graveyard of the Thoughtful Daughter. At the furthest point to the top of this map we have the Tomb of the Two Princes which is kept under guard by the city as the tomb is the resting place of not only two princes and some of their riches, but their long-dead father in the crypt below.

Of course, the father is not quite as dead as reports would indicate, and tunnels dug to the old graves nearby by flesh-hungry ghouls have linked his own crypt to the sepulcher. The little nodes in the ghoul tunnels indicate where traditional graves were once located and were then dug open and the bodies consumed by the ghouls.

But the ghouls keep away from the old man because they can sense his power, and the blockade between the sepulcher and the crypts from the last map do little to prevent his travels when he takes his bat form…

This map was originally drawn last summer for RPG Crate where it was paired with a short adventure. It is presented here free for your personal use and enjoyment.


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