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Most people who know my game preferences know that I’m a B/X D&D man and thus my retroclone of choice is Labyrinth Lord as it holds closest to that rules set and includes the least house rules…


But last year there was a Kickstarter for a new edition of Swords & Wizardry from Frog God Games – with an amazing set of people working on the revision headed up by ConTessa’s Stacy Dellorfano.

Already owning one edition of S&W Complete, and with it not being my preferred Old School rules set, I was kind of on the fence about it.

Then the shit started within the OSR “community”. I saw the kickstarter get called out for a whole pile of bullshit to the extreme of it somehow being some sort of slap in the face of the OSR and/or old school gamers.

So I backed it.

And it is lovely.

I originally hesitated when I saw the layout of the pages in the KS – there’s a lot of “border art” on the pages and I worried it would be overwhelming and/or just too reminiscent of the bad layout & design of many books during the d20 bubble. But in print the border elements are light enough and tight to the page border, making them an accent to instead of overwhelming the text.

(also not pictured here is something I always pick up for RPGs that I grabbed for this one too, a S&W DM Screen)

So – huge kudos to Bill Webb & Matt Finch & Frog God Games, and to Stacy Dellorfano and company. I may run a S&W game yet, and I’ll be glad to pull this out the next time I play in a S&W game.