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Behind the Fallen God

Behind the Fallen God

We rebelled.

We fought the priests and the blue-skinned mercenaries they had hired from other worlds with the money they had made on the backs of the people. Blood ran red and purple in the streets for days.

Then a brave soul climbed upon the idol of Sur-Es-Allo and was not immediately struck down by madness or disease. And to one of the idol’s tentacles he tied a length of strong hemp rope.

And we pulled.

We had intended only to destroy the idol, symbol of the priesthood. But somehow we were not expecting what we found behind it.


This map was drawn as part of the Mpavember challenge and really got me into drawing isometric pieces for a while. I’ll post a bunch of them next month – there are some in the collection that impress me still (including this one). I’m obviously getting more comfortable with the illustrative aspects of my work now.


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