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The drenkind come from a small mountain valley known to those who have visited it or the few sages that know of them as “the Valley of Revelations” Within this secret mountain valley they once maintained their farms and a community of tens of thousands.

Gateway to the Valley of Revelations

Gateway to the Valley of Revelations

Now there are but a few of the blue-skinned drenkind remaining, most living within their mountain valley monastery. The old stepped farms have sat fallow, and the valley is mostly grass and small forests concealing old village and farm ruins.

There are said to be three gateways into the valley, each guarded by mighty blue drenkind warriors. But these days, the drenkind themselves only remember one, and it sits unguarded but locked, a small series of caves and drenkind-modified caverns containing a few strange devices, insignia, and reminders of when the drenkind were better known and feared.


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