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I’ve wanted to post these items for some time, but keep trying to illustrate them first. But my illustration skills remain weak, and I’m finally posting them to get them out of my “to do” list. These are magic items I created for our last D&D5e campaign that is now over – I believe some of them were never found or were not used after being found.

Esturk’s Amaranthine Blades

Require Attunement
These leather bracers with silver buckles and edging allow the wearer to attack with any number of darts (limited by the character’s attacks per round). These darts are created as the wearer “draws” them from the bracers. The darts exist for 3 rounds once drawn, and shed a white light with the intensity of a torch. They are treated as magic weapons, but gain no attack or damage bonus. The bracers must be worn as a pair to function.

The Black Orb of Defiance

Requires Attunement
This 2.5″ sphere is semi-transluscent and must be made of something remarkably dense as it weighs 20 pounds. When held or mounted into an icon, blunt weapon head, or shield, it provides the wearer with a +5 bonus on saves against fear and charm effects. Once per day the wielder may cast an abjuration spell as if they had used a slot one level higher than the spell slot actually used.

Dashing Blade

Requires Attunement
This clever and delicate silvery short sword has an intelligence of 12 and can speak to its wielder telepathically. It tends to spend most of its time commenting negatively upon the skills and abilities of those it observes. A +1 short sword in most respects, it deals +1d6 damage to creatures with less than 12 Charisma, and grants bards that wield it an additional Bardic Inspiration die (as long as the blade and the bard are getting along, at least).

Elemental Cards

These ivory playing cards have a painting of an element on them (fire, cold, acid, lightning). When snapped in half, the card creates a cone of that element 15 long by 15 feet at the base dealing 5d8 damage of the appropriate type (DC 14 Dex save for half damage)

Willow Lantern

This wicker lantern levitates and follows its owner around, generally floating 2-4 feet above and behind the owner’s head. It is treated as a normal lantern unless fed specific ingredients or equipped with special lenses. It casts bright light  in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30  feet. Once lit, it burns for 6 hours on a flask (1 pint) of  oil.
Fuels with the normal lens or no lens:
50gp of opium grants 1 extra hit die of healing for all within 30′ during a short rest
Diamonds provide bright light in a 45′ radius and dim light for an additional 45′ and burns for 1 hour per gp value of the diamond.
Fuels with the Ruby Lens
Oil from an Outsider (lasts 1 hour / CR) makes all fiends withing 60 feet glow red (even if invisible)
Ruby provides dim light in a 15′ radius for 1 day per 10gp value of the ruby. The owner may spend an action to have it cast Scorching Ray as a level 3 spell reducing the ruby’s value by 250gp per use.
Fuels with the Sapphire Lens
Holy Water casts dim light in a 10′ radius for 12 hours. Anything invisible coming within 30′ is limned in pale white flames, making them clearly visible.