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The Emerald Hawk Society is one of those organizations that coins itself a secret society, but that is far too proud of themselves to keep it a secret.

Secret Codices of the Emerald Hawk Society

Secret Codices of the Emerald Hawk Society

The “secret” headquarters of the society is a heavy stone building that was once a “small” guard post for a much larger estate within the city walls. The society has converted it into an exclusive clubhouse with dark wood furnishings, displays of minor artifacts and other goods they have acquired over the years, and of course their secret library.

That is pretty hard to keep secret when it is about fifty feet square and takes up a whole windowless corner of the structure. The library is impressive mostly because it contains the full libraries of several deceased members of the society back when it was truly a secret society more interested in treasure hunting and secret magics than in social posturing.

However, the library does remain locked and under guard. While the physical location of the library is pretty much an open secret, the actual entrance to that part of the structure remains a secret only known to mid-level members of the society and above.


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