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On the highest ridge of the Aldeiron Peaks, looking down over the city of Samlein is the hold of those who call themselves the “Lords of the Aldeiron Peaks”. Cut into the near vertical cliff faces are caves on each side of the narrow ridge that lead into the lair of three mighty drakes and below that the small headquarters of the three lords who ride them.

Lords of the Aldeiron Peaks

Lords of the Aldeiron Peaks

Not actual nobles, these lords are successful adventurers who trained the drakes years ago and have settled here where they can watch over the city and the floodplains beyond.

This was drawn during the Mapvember challenge. On the fifth day of Mapvember, Miska gave to me… Hangar.  I almost decided to be funny and go with Hanger instead. But then realized I had nothing better with that one except maybe a game of hangman. The final map was definitely somewhat inspired by reading all the Pern novels last spring.


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