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When the flaming metal castle arrived in the skies, it was intercepted by three warlocks in mid-air – one on her hippogriff, one on flying carpet, and one just levitating there in the skies as this monstrosity of steel and fire approached.

The Crashed Engine

The Crashed Engine

But as hoped, their magics prevailed and the castle was shattered and fell to the land in pieces – most into the Lake of 800 Lilies, but one section sliding along the shore to come to rest near the fishing village of Velland.

This piece of the metal castle is enough to make some believe the whole structure was not a castle at all, but perhaps something alive – it bleeds strange glowing fluids now from arteries both small and large. These fluids are deadly to most who touch them, but some others seem to acquire strange powers from them – glowing eyes, strange growths, and even telekinetic capabilities.

It is definitely time to investigate this ruined structure more thoroughly.

This was drawn during the Mapvember challenge. On the empteenth day of Mapvember, Miska gave to me… ENGINE.  I contemplated some massive steam-powered monstrosity as the map, but in the end went with a sci-fi / fantasy crossover, partially inspired by the fact that I was running Expedition to the Barrier Peaks for my D&D5e crew at the time.


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