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“The crone Amylindis is whom you will have to find for those herbs you seek. She has built a small hut in the woods, at Videric’s Hollow. But she’ll not be glad to see you, she doesn’t like strangers… and you folk are certainly that.”

Videric's Hollow

Videric’s Hollow


In the wooded hills northeast of Kreland’s Ford is a small gap in the hills made notable by a small spring-fed stream that has cut a small cave into the earth and stones below. Folk tales postulate that this was the home of Videric’s Dragon, slain by his hand some four hundred years ago. The tales go on to describe Videric being either drowned by the river spirits of Kreland, or perhaps being washed far downriver to the oceans where his adventures continue, but that has no bearing on this place.

The crone Amylindis’ home has been ransacked, her wood pile knocked over, and the pot over the cold fire burned dry. But a fresh trail leads between her home and the larger entrance of Videric’s Hollow. While probably not home to yet another dragon, something foul is in these caves…

This map was originally drawn last summer for RPG Crate where it was paired with a short adventure. It is presented here free for your personal use and enjoyment.


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