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Up along the edge of the cliff face overlooking the Bay of Eels are a set of steep stairs cut into the stone. A number of niches and chambers have been cut into the cliff along these stairs over the years. The top-most of these is a landing and set of chambers known as Lucas’ Watch where the aged Sorcerer-Priest once sat for days at a time watching over the bay or retreating within the cold stone structure within when the weather became too hostile.

The Ascent

The Ascent

The lowest two flights of stairs are much older than the upper flights and rest at a shallower angle. They lead to a landing that in turn has the entranceway to an old crypt where unknown ancients were once interred – the lower crypt still bears the bas relief carvings of strange gods and geometric shapes that also decorated the long-absent sarcophagi that were here. The upper crypt on this level on the other hand has been fairly heavily damaged by later work which included adding a shaft between the crypt itself and the upper level.

The upper flights of stairs along the cliff face are much steeper – running at 45 degrees up the stone face. After the first 40 feet there are a pair of alcoves cut into landings 20 feet apart. Above that is the hermitage of the sorcerer-priest who spent the last twenty years of his life here, seeking redemption according to some, and waiting to face down a great evil according to others.

I drew this particular map as an exercise in “hard mode” isometric drawing – it was drawn without actually using isometric paper in the process at the end of a week of drawing isometric maps nearly every day. Some people found the two 45 degree angles in the lower passages difficult to interpret, so I made a quick photoshop recut of the map (above) where I replaced the two 45 degree turns with a single 90 degree turn that I cloned from the upper landing – once you see the corner represented as a 90 degree turn, it is easier to see the two 45 degree turns which result in the same basic thing in the proper map.


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