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The Elderan Reliquary shares much with other mid-sized temples in the city, extending even to having a rectory for the wizard-sage Brondianix Serel Oje who maintains both structures and provides tours and information on the various relics and their origins to those interested.

Elderan Reliquary and Rectory

Elderan Reliquary and Rectory

Unlike most reliquaries, however, the focus of this collection isn’t upon holy relics of martyred saints, ancient paladins and long-dead clerics, but bits and pieces of strange hardware and devices that were collected ages ago from the Temple of Iron and from areas around the Barrier Peaks. None of the relics are magical, but few of them are made from materials familiar to anyone who is not already a sage of the Temple of Iron – strange bone-like materials shaped into odd devices, panes of light leaded glass that do not shatter when dropped, and a bone-white device evidently meant to be hand-held along with a number of crystalline cubes that sit perfectly in a small depression on one side of it.

Brondianix Serel Oje has explanations for what each item is, where it was found, and what it was believed to be used for. But much like a mermaid trying to explain the use of a common table fork, many of these documents and assertions are based on the bias of his predecessors and a complete lack of understanding of the people who built the Temple of Iron many ages ago.

But if someone had come back from the Barrier Peaks with strange items that have run out of charges, the Elderan Reliquary would be one of the few places in the world likely to have a disc or two that would recharge the item, if only for a while.


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