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Nestled between rough outcrops in the Hadben Badlands on the shore of the Raven’s Sea, the small fortress-city of Torlester Hill acts as a military naval resupply base and home to a number of minor noble households and opportunistic merchants trying to make a few extra coppers by bringing supplies downriver to this rocky hole-in-the-wall.

Torlester Hill

Torlester Hill

Torlester Hill has been home to a fortress or another as long as people have known of the place. Over the years the river here has been rerouted into a canal as the original river outlet was converted into an artificial harbor for military vessels to resupply at while leaving said docks outside of the city walls.

The centre of the city was once home to a massive statue of the god of the four winds that was then defiled during the reign of Estelon III and sanctified to the lord of plagues. With the death of Estelon III, the statue was torn down with the intent to replace it again with one to the winds, but the new statue has never been built, and now the centre of the city is used as an open-air market now that the city is enjoying over twenty years of peace-time, with the central tents of the market using the feet of the old statue (all that remains) as anchoring points.

This map was originally drawn as part of the Mapvember challenge, and thus is a bit more minimal than most of my city maps. In this case the contour lines of the badlands around the city are just lines without indicators of how tall they are or similar.


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