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One of the older estate houses in the city, the Terrasse Estate perches on a small rise, the highest point in the noble district. The grey-brown building itself is of quite old stonework and very small size for a noble estate -making it more interesting for its age than floorplan.

Terrasse Estate

Terrasse Estate

The estate has been home to a number of noble families throughout the eras of the city, and for the last eighty years it has been home to the governor of the region. If anything, this is part of the reason why this governorship is generally viewed as a demotion or a hardship posting as there isn’t even enough room in the cold structure for live-in servants (nor is there a decent fireplace, as the building was planned by someone unfamiliar with the cold seasons of the region).

The current governor of the city has enough private wealth to rent a better home in the noble district, and only uses the Terrasse Estate when entertaining guests that he’d rather not have to entertain at all, and is often offered up as a guest house to visiting lesser nobles who dare not object to staying in the governor’s home itself.

In a campaign, this is the kind of place the governor would “offer” to up-and-coming adventurers who have proved their worth as heroes, but who are from lower-class and middle-class backgrounds and thus beneath the governor’s contempt. For the governor is a petty man, intent on showing the so called heroes who really is in charge of the city.


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