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At the east end of the city of Dolem’s Spire, rough cliff faces look down on the grey sea below. While this part of the city was built up in recent years from a few old shacks and homes, most residents aren’t aware that those old buildings served their own purpose as the secret access to a small sea cave below that has been used for smuggling and piracy since the foundation of the city itself (and possibly before that).

Jagged Reef Refuge

Jagged Reef Refuge

The cave is known as Jagged Reef Refuge and is used to unload contraband from ships waiting in the bay overnight before they dock in the city proper. Inside the sea cave are a few wooden jetties where ship’s boats can unload slaves, infiltrators and controlled merchandise. Some is stored in the caves and structures ahead and to the left, and what can be smuggled into town immediately (like furtive passengers) head through a doorway in the right wall where stairs ascend to a slightly run-down pottery merchant’s store and warehouse at the surface.

Jagged Reef Refuge was drawn based on a request from Michael Carmody, one of the awesome patrons who support my work through the Patreon campaign. I occasionally ask patrons at the $2.50 level and above for suggestions for upcoming map designs like this one.


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