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The sorceries of Delofin Nightsister are the stuff of legend among both the few tiefling families of the Hill Islands, the Hill Island Inquisitors who destroyed the Nightsister clan, and is slowly becoming part of the local folk tales. Legend enough that rumours of her tomb circulate among those seeking mystic powers, ancient spells and curses, and connections to the fell lords that begat the Nightsisters to begin with.

Crypt of the Scarlet Wolf

Crypt of the Scarlet Wolf

The halfling sage Estendik Tallman has travelled several times to the ruins of the old Nighsister enclave and is considered the best versed in their ways. Now he seeks adventurers to find the crypt of Delofin’s son, the Scarlet Wolf. It is suggested that he survived the eradication of the clan, and lead a small team of mercenaries for nearly a decade before his violent death.

Crypt of the Scarlet Wolf (no grid)

Crypt of the Scarlet Wolf (no grid)

His crypt, however, is no simple tomb. It was constructed inside another subterranean fortification which must be penetrated first and the secret entrance to the crypt found via the map provided by Estendik Tallman. Within the crypt, the tiefling mercenary is guarded by the last magics of his family, and hopefully he has the key to finding the secret hoard of Delofin Nightsister.

So, stick this little tomb off the side of another dungeon, megadungeon, or other adventure site when you need a little dark magic and tomb robbing added to your night’s fun.


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