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When strange plague struck the Archons of the Temple of Ilunezor the Bronze Collared, their curative magics failed them but their auguries showed of a place south of the temple where a small underground spring and stream was found to have the cure for their illness.

Over the years afterwards, the location of the curative underground spring was dug out and stairs were added down into the lower cave and then up to the small cave where the spring originated.

Restless Hollow

Restless Hollow

With the destruction of the temple, the Archon’s Climb became known instead as the Restless Hollow – named either after the burbling stream down below or according to some tales after the lone guardian of the cave who has lived among the mushrooms for so long that he now looks like a massive collection of fungus wandering the cave aimlessly.

No one would care either way, except that the sage in town will tell you the only way to truly break the curse that the party rogue is under is to bathe him in the spring waters of the Restless Hollow…

As always with most of my isometric works, I have a hard time making unusually shaped areas feel like they exist on the same plane and perspective as the rest. In this case the pool chamber on the upper left feels like it is lifted up and out of the plane of the rest of the structure.


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