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With my DCC RPG warrior “Big” Helmut finally reaching level 4, I figured it was time to move him off the level 0 character sheet he’s been using since he survived whatever hellhole funnel he came from (I think he showed up as a backup character during the Emerald Enchanter… we severely depopulated the town during that adventure – went in with 3 level 1 and 6 level 0 characters, and kept coming back to town to drag a bunch more level 0s in with us… I think we were responsible for the deaths of a good 18 or so townfolk).

So I finally scanned the rough idea I had for a character sheet that I had scrawled onto a pad during a DCC game a few months ago, did some tidying, and copied old Helmut over.

And immediately noticed some things I didn’t like about the sheet. So after another round of edits I put together a new version and used it to copy over Sir Alexander Eustace Pennyweather, esquire.

Yeah, yeah, Pennyweather needs to have his eyes adjusted in the sketch, but this sheet has just about everything I want. And more to the point, I’m no longer willing to keep messing with it. So here it is.

Click on the graphic to download the PDF version.

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Click for PDF

It prints off on US legal sized paper – 8.5 x 14 inches. Don’t select “shrink to fit”, it purposefully has enough extra border to be trimmed off by whatever your printer can’t handle.

Most of the boxes are purposefully left unlabeled so you can make them whatever you like. You can see some examples in my two sheets above.

Regarding the font used (I’ve had a few comments that I could have chosen a more legible font)… I didn’t use a font. This sheet was hand-drawn and hand-lettered during a game of DCC, with a bit of fiddling in Photoshop afterwards. If I had more time and inclination I might replace all the text with a nice font, but not today.