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Those travelling in boats past the Isle of Vines can often see the ruins near the shores, barely visible underneath the green vines of the island’s name. When the sun is just right though, one particular set of ruins flashes brilliantly blue – the old Azurite Sanctuary.

Vine Covered Ruins

Vine Covered Ruins

The Azurite Sanctuary sits near the western cliffs overlooking the only bay on the island. A small tower and the impression of a larger lower structure is all that’s visible from the water. Once the retreat of noble family of Aragual, said to be gifted with the blood of celestials, the Azurite Sanctuary and the rest of the island was taken over by vines during the ascent of the Imhomunzu Dynasty. Strange plant creatures still control the island, making it a deadly hazard to those who have dared to land there – tales whispered by fishermen speak of a dragon that flew in too low being grabbed and pulled down to the island.

The Azurite Sanctuary should still house several of the prizes of the family of Aragual, as well as whatever other riches they may have brought here that hasn’t been stolen by the islands green inhabitants.

This map was originally drawn last summer for RPG Crate where it was paired with a short adventure. It is presented here free for your personal use and enjoyment.


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