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The Cenobites of Six are a communal order of monks and mystics dedicated to learning and understanding the six virtues of the Lord in Viridian. The main practicing base of the order is known as the Monastery of the Sixfold Path – a squat hexagonal pillar of greenish stone constructed almost like a honeycomb within.

Monastery of the Sixfold Path

Monastery of the Sixfold Path

Within the Monastery of the Sixfold Path, the Cenobites of Six maintain their libraries of lore, their main practicing chamber, and their individual cells. Stepped gardens and fields surround the Monastery where they grow crops while contemplating the fourth virtue of the Lord in Viridian.

The six virtues themselves are masked in confusion and obfuscation, as they are referenced thirteen times in the writings of the Viridian Master, but never using the same words and never in a tongue known in this world so all translations (even magical) remain suspect.

The structure is a two-story affair. The second floor is identical to the first – except the inner ring passage is open to the sky above. Connections between the floors are via ladders inside the six corner rooms in the outer ring and on each side of the doorway in the central plaza.



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