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A couple of days ago I found myself on a quest for the mad push of ideas and creations that I used to have fulfilled just by looking at Google+ for a few minutes. I made the “mistake” of asking if there was such a thing on Facebook, which lead to just such a group springing into existence like Athena, fully armed and ready from Zeus’ forehead.

And this is the first thing she spat out:

d24 Odd Tavern Owners (click for PDF)

d24 Odd Tavern Owners (click for PDF)

It’s a list / table of 24 odd tavern owners – most of which can be dropped into place in any generic D&D tavern that you are about to have the PCs visit. Just that extra little bit of flavour that will make this one roadside tavern, coaching inn, or drinking hole stand out in the memories and stories of your players.

Click here to download the PDF.

And of course, there will be more to come!