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We are now on our 90th session of our Empire of the Petal Throne campaign run by James Maliszewski and things have shifted dramatically for our group of characters as we’ve been exiled to become the governor of the very very distant colony of Linyaró on the mysterious Southern Continent.



As our group’s resident cartographer, I drew up the colony city. The colony itself is about 300 or so years old at this point and the city has already had to expand the curtain walls significantly from the original settlement. The old curtain walls surround the governor’s palace (which is primarily a civic building handling all Toslyani affairs on the southern continent as well as all affairs to do with the Linyaró colony itself), one of the three great temples in town, and a few major clanhouses.

When the city expanded, another of the main temples was built directly on the other side of the old curtain wall from the palace, a bit of a political coup for them, leaving the third major temple a bit further away.

At the time of the expansion of the walls, the colony also added a gladiatorial arena – and cleverly built the structure into the outer walls of the city abutting against the colony’s necropolis.

There’s a lot more to learn about the city, but as we are exploring it as part of the current campaign, I only have an architectural overview without all the social implications yet.


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