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Different cultures and faiths entomb their dead in different manners. One of the old faiths of the land made small shaft tombs with “cells” at the bottom where a number of coffins would be laid and once full the tomb would be capped with a small brick dome. It takes a certain amount of nerve to break into a sepulcher and then crack open one of these domes, rappel down the twelve foot shaft and then start breaking into the individual coffins at the bottom.

The Oubliette Crypts

The Oubliette Crypts

In this case, the six domed “oubliette” crypts are part of a greater collection of crypts and tombs in the massive underground sepulcher. And more than likely the player characters are down here either to acquire a specific piece of ancient loot rumoured to have been buried here, or perhaps they have come equipped with the ability to speak with dead and require information from one of the many bodies entombed in the structure.

This map was inspired in part by a scene from M.A.R. Barker’s “The Man of Gold” where they are escaping the forces of one of the imperial princes in the undercity and go crawling into dome crypts like these (although each only held one body to my recollection).


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